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Today in the Church Year

Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost

Today we focus on the reading from Ecclesiastes 5, specifically verses 18–20. Our devotional reading is from Concordia Commentary: Ecclesiastes.

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St. Luke, Evangelist

Today we remember St. Luke and give thanks to God for Luke’s Gospel account. Our devotion is an excerpt from a sermon in Sermons for Feasts, Festivals, and Occasions: Selections from Concordia Pulpit Resources.

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Ignatius of Antioch, Pastor and Martyr

For our devotion on the commemoration of Ignatius today, we read an excerpt from Reconciliation and Justification.

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Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost

We focus on the Gospel of the day, which is about the rich young man in Mark 10. Our devotion is from Meditations on the Gospels.

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Philip the Deacon

Today we remember Philip, who baptized the Ethiopian eunuch. Our devotional reading comes from The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers.

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As we commemorate Abraham today, we take our devotional reading from God’s Word for Today: Genesis.

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Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

The Old Testament Reading is our focus today and our devotion comes from Luther’s Works, Volume 1 (Lectures on Genesis Chapters 1–5).

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Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Today we focus on the reading from James, which discusses the importance of prayer. Our devotion is from What Luther Says and includes quotes from Luther about this important aspect a Christian’s faith.

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St. Michael and All Angels

On the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels today, we focus on the Old Testament Reading with a devotion from Concordia Commentary: Daniel.

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Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Our devotion for today is about the Epistle and comes from God’s Word for Today: James.

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Welcome to Today in the Church Year!

We hope that these posts will serve as a resource to your personal and family devotions as you grow in Christ and His Word.

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