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Today in the Church Year

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

The Gospel of the day, which discusses the parable of the seed growing and the parable of the mustard seed, is our focus today. Our devotion is from Meditations on the Gospels.

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For our commemoration of Elisha today, we read about God temporarily blinding the Aramean army when they came after Elisha, and Elisha feeding and freeing them rather than killing them. Our devotional reading is from How Enemies Became Friends: Arch Books.

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The Ecumenical Council of Nicaea, AD 325

The fourth-century Council of Nicaea condemned the false notion of the Arians, who taught that Jesus was not God incarnate but a lesser created being. The Council affirmed the divinity of Jesus Christ, “being of one substance with the Father” (homoousios). Our devotion about this comes from The Great Jesus Debates: Four Early Church Battles about the Person and Work of Jesus.

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St. Barnabas, Apostle

For today’s feast, we remember the Apostle Barnabas. Our devotion focuses on the reading from Acts and is from LifeLight: Acts, Part 1—Leaders Guide.

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Third Sunday after Pentecost

We take our devotion today from Falling into Sin: Arch Books. This excerpt focuses on the Old Testament Reading and reminds us of God’s first promise of a Savior in Genesis 3:15.

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Boniface of Mainz, Missionary to the Germans

We remember eighth-century bishop Boniface by reading a biographical devotion about him from The Church of the Middle Ages.

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Second Sunday after Pentecost

Our devotion for today focuses on the Old Testament Reading and comes from The Ten Commandments Will Not Budge.

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Justin, Martyr

Justin the Martyr is the focus of our devotion today, and our reading comes from A History of Western Christianity.

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The Visitation

Today, we remember when Mary visited Elizabeth, and John leapt in his mother’s womb. We focus on the Gospel of the day with an excerpt from Concordia Classics: Luke.

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The Holy Trinity

We read today a portion of a sermon from Concordia Pulpit Resources that focuses on the reading from Acts.

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Welcome to Today in the Church Year!

We hope that these posts will serve as a resource to your personal and family devotions as you grow in Christ and His Word.

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