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Today in the Church Year

Fourth Sunday of Easter

The psalm of the day is our focus, and our devotion comes from The Twenty-third Psalm: Arch Books.

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Anselm of Canterbury, Theologian

Our devotion for eleventh century theologian Anselm comes from Saints and Angels All Around.

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Johannes Bugenhagen, Pastor

We remember today Luther’s pastor, Johannes Bugenhagen, with an excerpt from one of his writings as printed in Treasury of Daily Prayer.

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Third Sunday of Easter

We focus on the Gospel of the day with an excerpt from Concordia Commentary: Luke 9:51–24:53.

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Second Sunday of Easter

Our devotion focuses on the Epistle, specifically 1 John 1:2, in which John discusses Jesus’ incarnation and the purpose for His coming. The devotion is from Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary: General Epistles.

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Lucas Cranach and Albrecht Dürer, Artists

As we remember Reformation artists Lucas Cranach and Albrecht Dürer today, we read about the history of art during the Reformation with an excerpt from The Protestant Reformation: 1517–1559.

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Easter Day

Christ is risen! On this glorious day, we read an excerpt from one of Walther’s Easter Day sermons as printed in Gospel Sermons, Volume 1.

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Holy Saturday

Today’s Old Testament Reading, the account of Daniel and the lions’ den, is our focus. We take our devotion from Portals of Prayer.

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Good Friday

We return to our Isaiah theme for Good Friday and read a devotion from Gospel Handles: Old Testament Lessons.

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Holy (Maundy) Thursday

For this day during Holy Week, we focus on the reading from Mark with an excerpt from Welcome to the Lord’s Table.

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Welcome to Today in the Church Year!

We hope that these posts will serve as a resource to your personal and family devotions as you grow in Christ and His Word.

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